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What are ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18002 ?

ISO 45001, a British standard for occupational health and safety management systems, ensures that organizations have sound occupational health and safety performance in place. This is standard is considered as an internationally recognized health and safety management system for organizations of all sizes and nature. It is a legal binding on companies to implement ISO 45001 standards for protection of the workforce. The basic purpose of this system is to provide the companies with a proper system to improve the health and safety situation in companies. In other words, this standard ensures that companies meet their health and safety obligations in an efficient manner. A healthy working environment of company is very necessary for high efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of ISO 45001 certification :-

There are several benefits of implanting these international standards. Firstly, it enables organizations to consistently identify and control its health and safety risks. Secondly, it helps companies in reducing the potential for accidents. Thirdly, it allows companies to comply with legislative requirements improving their overall performance. In addition, this certification creates good reputation in the minds of suppliers, partners and potential customers.

ISO 45001 certification process?

A ISO 45001 certified organization is rest assured that all possible hazards within your business have been considered and accounted for. The certification process involves the following steps:

  • First of all, experienced consultants conduct an in-depth review of the existing processes of the organization.
  • The next step is the identification the areas where improvements are needed
  • Implementation of the new standards to improve the working environment
  • After implementation and perfecting all the areas perfected in accordance with the international standards, ISO 45001 certification is issued to the company.

Why US :-

We are a leading ISO 45001 consultant company. Our highly qualified team of consultants and trainers are very experienced and help clients to implement standards and eventually achieve this certification in a real quick time. After getting the certification, it is necessary for companies to keep taking measures for continual improvement. ISO 45001 is very important for manufacturing and construction companies where physical labor is required and heavy machinery is used.

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